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About Us

Machine World of New York has been doing business in Copiague, New York for 25 years. Machine World of New York offers both new and reconditioned heads. Reconditioned heads are rebuilt with used parts which are still serviceable. Most reconditioned heads have been welded or repaired. Machine World of New York strives to maintain the highest quality by installing new parts, valves, seats, spring, guides, cams, and other components as needed. All heads have a three angle valve job performed on a serdi seat and guide machine for a perfect concentric seal which is then vacuum checked. All heads are surfaced with CBN equipment to ensure a perfectly flat surface. Cam seals are the responsibility of the installer as some cams will need to be removed in order to install the cylinder head.

Machine World of New York specializes in rebuilding cylinder heads for both automotive and marine applications. The following list summarizes our company and rebuilding process.

  • Largest inventory of cylinder heads in stock: Domestic, Foreign, Marine & Industrial

  • All cylinder heads are completely disassembled, including freeze-out plugs & all pollution plugs.

  • All heads are thoroughly cleaned. Our advanced cleaning process removes all foreign material from pollution passages and water jackets.

  • Cast iron cylinder heads are magnafluxed to check for cracked & porous castings.

  • Aluminum & Diesel cylinder heads are pressure tested to check for cracked & porous castings.

  • All valve guides are reconditioned and replaced as needed.

  • All seats are three angle cut for accuracy using *SERDI 100 valve seat refacer, forming a uniform narrow seat.

  • All rocker studs are checked for defects and threads are chased, replaced as needed.

  • All valves are refaced or replaced as needed. Our exacting procedures assure perfect seating.

  • All valve springs are checked for proper pressure and replaced as needed.

  • All cylinder head surfaces are accurately resurfaced by ROTTLER SFOOE MACHINES.